pkmn-id Gardevoir Cup 2016


Wifi tournament untuk Bulan September 2016,

  • Battle Format: VGC 2016 Double Battle
  • No. of Pokemon: 4 vs 4
  • Pokedex: National Pokedex (All Region)
  • Legend: 2 Mythical
  • Tournament Type: Wi-Fi
  • Tournament Format: Best of Three Swiss Round
  • Tournament Rules: Normal Rules
  • Date & Time: Thursday, 1st September 2016 – 30th September 2016 (Swiss) & 2nd October (Top Cut)
  • Registration Open: CLOSED
  • Registration Close: CLOSED
  • Registration Fee: FREE
  • Clauses: No duplicate Pokemon, players are not allowed to change pokemon or item between rounds
  • Location: Wi-Fi (Swiss BO1) + Live* (Top Cut BO3) [Top Cut will be Wi-Fi if a Live meetup is not possible]

Special Tournament Rules

  1. A Tournament dedicated for the females. Only females can join pkmn-id Gardevoir Cup 2016 tournament
  2. Pairings for each round will be shared in a closed/secret Facebook Group.
  3. All information and communication that serves internal will be shared through the closed/secret Facebook Group.
  4. This Tournament is open to all countries
Trainer List
1. Clara Lukman  Indonesia
2. Angela Nola  Indonesia
3. Felita  Indonesia
4. Anastasia Darmawan  Indonesia
5. Dyelinne  Indonesia
6. Cindy Rudyanti  Indonesia

How to register

Contact Dyelinne or Michael Pond

Battlefy Registration link :
For Password please contact to your respective staff listed in the battlefy link !


Shipping cost will be borne by Staff if the destination is in Indonesia. International shipping cost will be covered by the trainers who won the prize

1st To be Announced
2nd To be Announced
3rd To be Announced
4th To be Announced

General Rules

  • For pairings during the tournament will be shared inside the closed/secret Facebook Group.
  • Committed to join and finish the whole tournament
  • Plays fairly according to Organized Play! standard rules.
  • For reporting rounds, the staff who will be handling will be Dyelinne or Michael Pond through Facebook Chat
  • If there are no news for one whole round (5 – 7 days) trainer will be forfeited from the tournament.
  • If disconnect does happen please contact Dyelinne or Michael Pond through Facebook Chat. We will follow standard guidelines for disconnection in Wi-Fi Competition.
  • If trainers feel like the opponent doesn’t follow the rules, you are allowed to report to Dyelinne or Michael Pond through Facebook Chat.
  • For communication, we will be facilitating the closed/secret Facebook Group and Facebook Groupchat.

Any questions could be asked through Dyelinne or Michael Pond or Hashegi in a Facebook chat
LINE Group is also available for Indonesians

Don’t forget to follow LINE@ pkmn-id –> @npt7748o

Thank you and good luck for all trainers participating!
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Hashegi Hanjaya

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