Pokemon TCG League Cup Indonesia 2017-2018 Season 1

2017 League Cup



Main Event
Event Name : Pokémon TCG League Cup Indonesia 2017-2018 Season 1
Date : 29 July 2017
Fee : 150.000 IDR / $13 USD (all division)

Fee will include :
➤ One day pass for JGW
➤ League cup fee
➤ Oricorio league promo card
➤ Aqua patch league cup promo (only for first 25 players who do early payment registration)
➤ Raffle ticket

Time :
➤ Registration Open : 10.00
➤ Registration Closed + Rooster Check : 11.30
➤ Round 1 start : 12.00

Venue : Neo Soho, 4th floor (above open kitchen)
Address : Jl. Let. S. Parman Kav 28, Jakarta 11470



Here the nearest Hotel from our venue :
➤ Pullman  (Recommended)
➤ Mega Anggrek
➤ B Fashion
➤ Daily appartment rent
(Contact : Gerrion)



➤ This Tournament Open to everyone who does not listed in TPCI banned player.
➤ Player all ages are welcome. Players below 10 years of ages we suggest to be accompanied by their parents.
➤ Registered Players are expected to report to the venue from 10:00 on the event day for admission.
➤ Please fill in your decklist and submit it during admission.
➤ Players who are not in line for admission by 11:30 may entered the tournament with round(s) loss.

PRE-Registration Information

Note : This Pre-registration open until 15 July 2017 20.00 WIB



1st : Tapu koko Champion playmat + SM02 ETB
2nd : Lunala playmat + SM02 ETB
3-4th : Greninja Playmat + SM02 ETB
5-8th : SM02 ETB (if >32 players)
9-16th : SM02 ETB (if >64 players)

1st : Tapu koko Champion playmat

1st : Luxray playmat



Note :
➤ Venue Open 08.00

 Saturday, 29 July 2017
 09:00  Staff at Venue
 10:00 – 11:30  Player Check-in, Decklist Collection
 11:30 – 12:00  Roster Posted, Briefing
 12:00 – 12:30  Swiss Round 1
 12:40 – 13:10  Swiss Round 2
 13:20 – 13:50  Swiss Round 3
 14:00 – 14:30  Swiss Round 4
 14:40 – 15:10  Swiss Round 5
 15:10 – 16:00  Break
 16:00 – 17:00  Top 8
 17:10 – 18:10  Top 4
 18:20 – 19:20  Final




Junior Division: Born in 2006 or later
Senior Division: Born in 2002, 2003, 2004, or 2005
Masters Division: Born in 2001 or earlier





Cards from the sets below are allowed. See the chart below. English Card Only
[ ] XY5 Primal Clash
[ ] XY6 Roaring Skies
[ ] XY7 Ancient Orgins
[ ] XY8 Break Through
[ ] XY9 Break Point
[ ] XY10 Fates Collide
[ ] XY11 Steam Siege
[ ] XY12 Evolutions
[ ] Sun & Moon 1
[ ] Sun & Moon 2: Guardians Rising
[ ] Double Crisis
[ ] Generations
[ ] XY Trainer Kit-Latias & Latios
[ ] XY Trainer Kit-Pikachu Libre & Suicune
[ ] Black Star Promo Cards numbered XY36 and higher.
[ ] McDonald’s Collection 2015


Swiss Round
➤ Best of 1
➤ 30 Minutes

Top Cut
➤ Best 2 of 3
➤ 60 Minutes



    You can trade your stuff, but we suggest you don’t do selling / buying stuff. We wont disallow you to do that, but since this event venue is at a mall, we don’t know if there is Mall’s rules not disallow you to do selling / buying stuff is exist or not, so do it with your own risk.




While attending a Play! Pokémon tournament, players are expected to:
➤ Abide by the Spirit of the Game.
➤ Show up to a tournament and its subsequent rounds on time.
➤ Write your decklist before the event day to avoid long queue.
➤ Double-check their win/loss record and standings as pairings are posted each round.
Players must bring the following items to participate in a Play! Pokémon tournament:
➤ A valid Player ID. ( How to get Player ID Online )
➤ A deck or team that meets the format restrictions for the tournament. It is a player’s responsibility to ensure that his or her deck or team meets the tournament requirements at all time during the event. (Standard Format Legal Card List)
➤ A legible and accurate list of the cards that comprise the player’s deck.
➤ Any implements necessary to track and maintain game information. This includes but is not limited to items such as damage counters, Special Condition markers, and a randomizer for a TCG event.



Spectators may watch a match but may not interfere with a match in any way. Spectators should maintain a reasonable distance, as determined by the event staff, from matches in progress to avoid distracting the players. The only way a spectator is to interact with a tournament is through contacting a judge to inquire into the legality of a specific play. Comments and questions regarding games in progress should be made an appropriate distance from the match to prevent players in the active game from gaining an advantage due to outside information or distraction.
Any disruption or penalties earned on the part of a spectator not participating in a tournament will result in penalties for the player or players that the spectator is responsible for. Should it become necessary to remove a spectator from a tournament, players that the spectator is responsible for will be disqualified from the tournament as well.



Parents should remain on-site to keep track of their children and, of course, celebrate their play. Tournaments usually take several hours, so parents might want to bring a book or some other quiet activity to occupy their time. We encourage parents to build a deck and join the fun!

Due to the competitive element in tournaments, we recommend that parents discuss issues of winning and losing, pressures of competition, and good sportsmanship with their children. It is important to be a good sport—win or lose. The Pokémon Company International believes that children should be having fun in the process of competing, regardless of the outcome. It is, after all, just a game.

It’s okay to help your child with his/her deck list.  You may even fill it out for him/her.  We recommend that deck lists be completed at home ahead of time, so that you do not feel rushed.  Don’t forget to arrange the cards in the same order that they are listed on the list.



INFORMATION Maxsoft Pte Ltd and Pokémon Organized Play reserves the right to publish tournament information including but not limited to the items listed above, transcripts, audio and/or video recordings or other recounts, player penalties, awards, or any other resultant information from the tournament.
TARDINESS Players are expected to be present for the start of a tournament and each of its component rounds and matches. Players arriving more than 5 minutes late for any round will receive a match loss for that round. Players who are still not present by the end of that round will be dropped from the tournament.
UNRULY BEHAVIOR Players are expected to behave in a respectful manner to all attendees and staff of a Pokémon TCG event. Players who don’t behave properly will be reminded to with the issuance of a penalty. Examples of Unruly Behaviour includes, Shouting and behaving in physically threatening manner, failure to comply with the instructions of the event staff, attempting to manipulate a match through intimidation or distraction.
ELECTRONIC DEVICES with the exception of devices necessary to participate in an event, such as cell phones, MP3 players, or text-messaging devices, are not to be used during a match. In some special instances, an electronic device may be allowed by the Tournament Organizer.
FOOD & DRINKS are not permitted on the play surface. The Tournament Organizer may allow food and/or drinks in the tournament area, but at no time should food or drinks be kept on the play surface.
WAGERING or gambling on the results of a game, portion of a game, match, or number of matches by anyone, including players, tournament staff, and spectators, is strictly prohibited. Anyone attempting to wager on a POP tournament should be removed from the tournament site, and the incident should be reported to POP.
HAND ELEVATION To avoid the perception of impropriety, players should keep both hands above the level of the playing surface at all times. A player’s cards should never go below the level of the playing surface during a match.
TOKEN & COUNTERS Players are required to provide their own counters to mark damage to Pokémon in play and counters to represent Special Conditions and other game effects. A judge may disallow the use of markers that cause confusion with regard to the state of the game or that are offensive in some manner.
RANDOMIZER Players can only to use the transparent, round edged, six sided dice provided by the organizer during this event.
PENALITIES Should an issue arise at a POP tournament, players and spectators will be subject to the Pokémon Organized Play Penalty Guidelines. All penalties above Caution level will be reported to POP for further review. Penalties issued to spectators may be assigned to the player or players that they are responsible for, if severe enough. The Head Judge has the final say on all penalties issued at a tournament.


Information is subject to change. For the most complete set of rules and information regarding the Pokémon Trading Card Game, please see visit pokemon.com.

In case of a discrepancy between the information on this site and the information on the pokemon.com, the information on pokemon.com will take precedence.